LaRona is a Blues Rock-duo hailing from Frankfurt, GER.

The group was formed in late 2016, when singer/drummer Tobi placed an
online advertisment in a local musicians‘ forum, looking for musicians
to start a new band. Singer and guitarist Eric answered the
advertisment. Both rising anew from the ruins of former bands, the two
met up in a local rock hotel which offered free rehearsal spaces. After
a couple jams together, the band was formed.

Originally planned to be the founding members of a new Blues Rock-
influenced group, the duo quickly decided to remain a two-piece in an
effort to preserve the newfound creativity and efficiency when composing
their own material.

(Brainstorming names for the new band, guitarist Eric came up with the
name LaRoña, describing their garagequese approach to music. The band
then decided to change the style of writing for the sake of simplicity.)

The duo fuses together elements of Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Stoner Rock
and other influences from the history of rock music and blends it into a
vibrant mix of their own sound : Two people, a skeleton crew, and their
take on the stories to be told through the sounds of Rock and Roll

In May 2018 LaRona released their EP „Conversations“.